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Freelance Children Illustrator / ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign/ love coloured pencil/ inspiration from volunteering with children, family and seniors/crazy coffee drinker/dessert only with friends/hiker

Awards: Adelaide Books Children’s Literature and Illustration Award, 1st Annual Contest 2019:Shortlisted nominee winner, 2013 Nominated in Five Degree Invigorate banking illustration, 50th Anniversary Mary Poppins FanArt Walt Disney Exhibition


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Illustration for an article by Annie Zyg

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Magic Kids_ Keeping secret about an exciting book is very hard for me. I illustrated a beautiful story about 'Single Mother by Choice' by @theginnygrace. They are now on sale with the link provided.

Ginny's strength and courage inspired me to illustrate a topic that we rarely read about. There is about 19 or so books on the topic. Now children with Single Mother by Choice' or children who considered themselves as different can see themselves in this book. Bravo to @theginnygrace


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