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You want to know about Lisa

I am a children Illustrator, prolific reader and primed traveler. My travels had helped me gained alot of inspirations for my illustrations. 

I use Procreate on iPad Pro when on the move which very often, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. My style of Illustrations is quint, quirky and vibrant. I enjoy the texture of coloured pencil because it brings out the childhood in all of us. 

My biggest high is seeing my Illustration makes children feel, laughed and understand the colourful and exciting world of inclusiveness and multiculturalism. My inspiration came from the belief that every child need to be heard. I graduated from University of Hertfordshire,UK with 2nd class honours.

I am world culture seeker, crazy coffee drinker, believe that the best way to eat a desert is with a lot of friends, hiking is like "going home. If you see on the trail, come over and say 'hi'


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Going already?  Do stay. Lisa will work for coffee and commission. Drop her a line.


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