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A wee illustrator ?

March 29, 2018

Many had asked me what is an illustrator? Are we the same as a graphic designer?


Here is some tips that helped me explain my work:


1) Illustrators are intelligent and creative visual communicator .


2) We combine handcraft or digital art, design and our own creative flair to come up with images to visually communicate the goal and needs of our clients or projects.


3) These images are used on many different platforms like books, animations, reference materials, magazines,websites, sales brochures and computer games.   




Many people think that holding a pencil and drawing or drawing digitally don't sound important, much less, something you would want to focus your life (in another word, your livelihood) on. The real truth is that we know doctors are very important but we don't (hopefully) need them everyday.


As illustrators, our role in the society is extensive.  We are the story-teller, the ad creators and the product promoters. We are the protesters and the informers of our time. We are heard everywhere. Without creative people like us, we will not have a different version of faces to "Matilda" or "Spider Man". Good or bad, we are influential. 





Tequipment and cars. Others also make illustrations for product labels and advertisements.

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March 29, 2018

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